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Jun 16, 2020

The girls happen to have the same last name but are in fact NOT related… now that’s a cosmic connection if there is such a thing. They actually connected through an Instagram DM in 2016 with shared interests and quickly became best friends.  

In their own words, they believe the Universe brought them together…the Universe, after all, works in wondrous ways and knew their path to their respective destinies better than they could have ever imagined.

Such a rad story.

They believe they were brought together because they were truly meant to be friends and business partners, and because they share a common purpose: to create a community, for women to feel luscious, light-hearted, and empowered in their lives.  

They have a keen ability to show women how to discover their true calling, take aligned action to create a business you love & manifest the luscious life of their dreams.  

I’ve been a fan of their podcast from the beginning days of it and really admire how they have developed their brand and the content they share through it. They are two beautifully driven girls who are honest in their journey and have leveraged their personal struggles prior to Luscious Hustle to create their epic brand that is all about Hustling in ALIGNMENT with their intuition to operate with confidence and clarity. 

The girls + I get down so many powerful topics to help you move towards that idea you have to start a soulful side hustle + nurture it into a full-fledged/full-time lucrative business.. and as they frame: A LUSCIOUS LIFE.

I love the word LUSCIOUS and I LOVE the word HUSTLE.

I genuinely love what these girls are all about; I believe you will too after taking this talk in.



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