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Apr 28, 2020

Mike Mutzel is a clinical nutritionist, speaker, functional medicine consultant in the natural product industry, an author, podcast host to one of the best health podcasts out there, High-Intensity Health and a highly knowledgeable, very passionate human, that pumps out valuable content through to optimize your health and well-being in life.

I've been a real fan of Mike's podcast for several years now. He is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition, metabolism, fasting, and overall health--mindfulness included. 

He's one of the experts that I trust most because he shares evidence-based information from deep non-biased research, in addition to attaining a lot of valuable information from his own health journey.

In this episode, Mike and I are fired up in quarantine and talk about a lot of important subjects related to Health and immunity while facing COVID-19 such as:

  • Navigating around the news + the facts with COVID-19

  • Who is most at risk for this disease?

  • How lifestyle: nutrition/movement/sleep etc effects your immunity 

  • Is waiting for a vaccine the best approach to living with this virus? 

  • Ways we can strengthen immune our system through hormesis and why these methods should be a bigger part of the conversation 

  • How to build resilience and why it’s so important to do so for our health 

  • MIke’s health/fitness journey 

  • Why/How your mindset is SO important for optimizing health + for accomplishing anything great that is desired in life

  • How to make gains + leverage this quarantine to advance important aspects of your life 

  • Anti-Inflammatory diet: what this is, why this is so supportive to strong immunity 

  • Fasting + meal timing- who is this best for and why?

And a lot more. 

There were so many places I want to go with Mike in our conversations around diet, fasting, sleep, etc because Mike knows so much in these areas and more related to health— but what felt really important to focus on in this talk with him during this COVID19 Quarantine, was his perspectives, and ideas around those subjects I mentioned because I really do value his thought process and how he delivers real evidence to back up what he shares. 

I look forward to having him back on the podcast for you guys so we can take a deeper dive into specific areas that Mike is so well-versed in and passionate about. Fasting is a big one. For now, I know that you guys will appreciate this talk because it is so relevant to all of us in this current state facing COVID-19. 

Additionally, I highly recommend tuning in to his podcast high-intensity Health, he's an incredible host and brings on incredible guests that I know you will enjoy geeking out on I certainly do.

Enjoy x

Roxy xx



Youtube: High-Intensity Health

Instagram: @metabolic_Mike

Apple Podcasts: High-Intensity Health Podcast

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