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Apr 14, 2020

Inna Topiler is a certified clinical nutritionist practicing a functional medicine approach to health. She is the Founder of Complete Nutrition and Wellness – an integrative nutrition practice, and the host of an amazing health podcast called: Health Mysteries Solved. 

Inna is a high-level expert who has not only attained an incredible amount of knowledge through her years of education in the health field but equally through her own health journey over her life.  She was diagnosed with Hashimoto's by the age of 20, she also suffered from mercury toxicity, adrenal issues, parasites, candida, and the list goes on. 

It's a heavy load of issues that Inna had to problem solve on her own to get her into the healthy state she now robustly lives from.  It’s from that journey of tremendous and unique problem solving, Inna has been able to help so many others who suffer from similar issues through nutrition and lifestyle. 

In this episode Inna and I discuss topics around:

  • Optimal nutrition tips during the quarantine 

  • Some of determents of high levels of Oxalates + Sulphur on certain individuals

  • Understanding Cortisol and how it works within you throughout the day 

  • Understanding insulin + it’s the effect on your blood sugar levels 

  • The importance of high-quality protein for muscle health/longevity 

  • Inna’s personal diet/supplements  habits while pregnant and quarantined 

  • The calming benefits of Magnesium and what kind of magnesium is best

  • Understanding Vitamin D, the different forms of it + why it’s so important to keep optimal levels of Vit D for immunity and longevity. 

  • How to navigate through COVID19 with an autoimmune disease

  • Understanding Vitamin C + Zinc why + how to include them into your diet to support immunity. 

  • Herbs that can be supportive of immunity but could not be great for those with auto-immune issues.

  • The importance of keeping a healthy mindset and Inna’s unique approach to this

  • 3 things that create our emotions and how we can control them to our advantage  through understanding this

  • Reframing COVID19 to Serve you

  • How operating with compassion being helpful can boost your immunity 

    And so much more

Not only is Inna so rich with valuable knowledge that supports the optimization of health, but she has such a lovely energy about her as I’m sure you will easily pick up on in this talk.



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